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Santa Rita welcomes March with a fusion menu

Marmitaki (tataki de bonito con jugo de marmitako) - Foto del blog de Santa Rita

Marmitaki (tataki de bonito con jugo de marmitako) – Foto del blog de Santa Rita

Xabi Bonilla wants to honor fusion cuisine, that mixes mediterranean recipes with recipes from other places of the world, creating a tasting menu that will be in Santa Rita during March. (més…)


Xabi Bonilla: “People search more authentic and close things”

Xabi Bonilla, presentation photo from the Santa Rita's blog

Xabi Bonilla, presentation photo from the Santa Rita’s blog

Xabi Bonilla is a trained chef from the vocation and from the Escuela de hostelería del Instituto Ibaialde (Pamplona). After have been working in some restaurants, he decided that what he likes is the simplicity and the personality of imparting cooking courses in house slippers; for this reason he created the Santa Rita Club Gastronómico. If you want to know more about this character, keep reading! (més…)

Santa Rita celebrates a Valentine’s night where singles are also invited

The 14th February, in Santa Rita’s Gastronomic Club, will take place a not so classic Valentine’s Day. Xabi Bonilla, chef and owner of this underground restaurant, has decided that in St. Valentine can fit everyone. So in this evening, he will mix impossible hearts (in a social animal’s new night) and in love ones. (més…)

Santa Rita

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Xabi Bonilla is the creator of this project. After have been working in restaurants with Michelin stars, this chef decided to start a project which allow to develop his own cooking style. As a result, Santa Rita underground restaurant was born,  a place where privacy and good food are the principal elements. The originality of the menus and the reduced capacity will allow you to enjoy a delightful evening literally speaking.

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The trend of the underground restaurants arrives to Barcelona

This widespread phenomenon in others cities around the world has arrived, during the last years, in the gastronomic culture to the condal city. The mundial list made by the argentine restaurant Casa SaltShaker has been increasing, especially during the last two years, and claims that nowadays in Barcelona there are five underground restaurants: La Contrasenya, Jezebel’s Night, Clandestino, Kokun and Séptimo Cielo. However, these are only the most famous ones. (més…)