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Santa Rita prepares another night of the Social Animals

Santa Rita's atmosphere // Photo from Santa Rita Gastronomic Club

Santa Rita’s atmosphere // Photo from Santa Rita Gastronomic Club

The Gastronomic Club Santa Rita organizes to the 15th of march a new dinner of social animals. In this event you will be able to taste a variant of the menu that is offered by Xabi Bonilla in Santa Rita this month: fusion cooking. (més…)


Comedor Clandestino

Comedor Clandestino

Detail of the table


A home’s simplicity accompanied by the sophistication of the gourmet cooking. We could define Comedor Clandestino like this, directed by Xavi and Maite. A place where you can taste some of the most tradicionals dishes of the mediterranean gastronomy, mixed with elements of the haute cuisine, everything made with the cooking lovers affection.

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