Santa Rita keeps the slowfood menu until mid February


Crystallized artichoke stuffed quail egg

The chef Xabi Bonilla, Santa Rita’s owner, has decided keep the menu of January until mid February. The intention of this is to allow more people to taste this selection of dishes called slowfood, “ a sum of identity and wealth” claims the chef. (més…)


The trend of the underground restaurants arrives to Barcelona

This widespread phenomenon in others cities around the world has arrived, during the last years, in the gastronomic culture to the condal city. The mundial list made by the argentine restaurant Casa SaltShaker has been increasing, especially during the last two years, and claims that nowadays in Barcelona there are five underground restaurants: La Contrasenya, Jezebel’s Night, Clandestino, Kokun and Séptimo Cielo. However, these are only the most famous ones. (més…)

Hello to everyone!

Welcome to our blog! We are three journalists in project from Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona) that are interested about underground restaurants. We are Marta Castillo Sánchez, Alba Maria Barrionuevo Lafuente and Clàudia Capalleras i Salellas, and together we are going to start a magical, funny and delicious journey where the most hidden and secret restaurants will be discovered. Don’t miss it!


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