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Alba Barrionuevo I’m a 19 years old girl who lives in Granollers but spends all her time in  Barcelona. I love booksalba and travelling and I’ve found  searching underground restaurants my own mystery novel. Karate, surfing and rafting are some of my favourites hobbies although I can’t describe myself as a very adventurous person. The university has become my second house, where besides learning, I have wonderful moments with my friends.

meMarta Castillo Adopted by Barcelona but Sevillana of heart. I’m a journalist in project, and maybe also a future political scientist, who has moved to the big city to try her luck.  If one day I don’t answer I’ll be reading a book and listening good music. Those are my biggest hobbies. I love travelling and getting lost in the beautiful cities. But sometimes I also need the mountain’s pure air. Of course, in good company. The underground restaurants were as unknown for me as for you until some weeks ago. But thanks to this thrilling project I’m becoming an expert. I invite you to pass, read and satisfy your curiosity!

Clàudia Capalleras Salellas Small town girl that have known Barcelona obligatorily for the studies. The claudiauniversity and the life in it absorb most of my time, but I don’t regret because I have met wonderful people through it. When I have two free minutes (and even if I don’t have it I get them from anywhere) I like to devote them to search travels or activity offers, making illusions of what I’d do if I had time. So this blog is a perfect excuse to have fun while I work. So I hope you enjoy it as I reading us and learning about the gastronomic secrets of the catalan capital.


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