Santa Rita celebrates a Valentine’s night where singles are also invited

The 14th February, in Santa Rita’s Gastronomic Club, will take place a not so classic Valentine’s Day. Xabi Bonilla, chef and owner of this underground restaurant, has decided that in St. Valentine can fit everyone. So in this evening, he will mix impossible hearts (in a social animal’s new night) and in love ones. People who prefer a couple dinner will be able to choose one of the two tables San Valentina. But singles also will have a place in this soiree, in the table of Santa Rita- with capacity for twelve people-.

Bonilla has decided to cook the rivality between Santa Rita -patron saint of the impossible- and Saint Valentine -patron saint of lovers- in a menu consisting of an green heart’s appetizer, followed by three courses: a first dish compound of cod carpaccio with smoked sardines and chilli vinaigrette; a second dish of potato ravioli filled with mushrooms and truffle mayonnaise; and a third dish of sticky beef, confit fennel and pea flowers. Ended by strawberries as a dessert. Everything is accompanied with ecological wines of the house, water, bread and coffees. If you really want to spend the night of Sant Valentin in good company you only have to book in Santa Rita.

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